With over twenty years of medical product sourcing experience, numerous contacts in the medical marketplace and a purchasing office based in Asia, we have the capability to source and import products currently being manufactured overseas. Our long-term relationship with an established supplier base and quality control checks prior to shipment insure delivery of a product which meets the expected quality standards.


We provide a wide variety of packaging options for both sterile and non-sterile products. We can also provide packaging suitable for retail markets including shrink banding and blister packs.

Order Fulfillment

Our 75,000 square foot warehouse in Niles, IL allows us to stock inventory levels appropriate to customer requirements. Adequate levels of safety stock are maintained and shipments are made on a timely basis.

Rapid Prototyping

We provide rapid prototyping services which, in many cases, can provide a full-scale product sample for review, analysis and refinement prior to committing to tool production for the part.

Product Development

Based on our many years of experience and connections in the plastics industry and medical device marketplace, we can provide assistance in all aspects of product development from market analysis, material selection, manufacturability and end-user feedback.


With multiple manufacturing locations to choose from, we have the ability to select the location that meets the quality requirement and provides the most cost-effective solution for a particular project.


Our engineering staff can assist in bringing your product vision and concepts to reality via design drawings and technical 3D part modeling.


We provide in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment of the medical marketplace. Products are produced in compliance with GMP and the FDA QSRs. Product certifications including metrology reporting, 510K compliance and any customer-specified certifications and requirements will be provided as required.


We have the capability to provide a wide variety of assembly options for almost any type of plastic device.